Dutch law in EnglishDutch law in English

Are you interested in legal English applied to Dutch law?

Legal translating is a professional skill. Most (prospective) lawyers have not received any training in translation and have to do with the English they learnt at school. They soon discover how difficult it is to express a Dutch legal situation into English. Dictionairies do not always suffice and, once you have found a word, it is still difficult to explain a legal situation because the 'words around it' (otherwise known as idioms) are not known. You can consult an English handbook, but this is not always helpful if you want to describe a Dutch legal situation.

It is with these situations in mind that Dutch law in English was complied. This book, completely revised in 2013 as a second edition, has been written with (prospective) Dutch lawyers in mind to help them communicate in English in their legal practices. It is written by a lawyer translator who is also a language trainer.

The book has ten chapters. The first chapter serves as an introduction: what makes it so difficult to translate Dutch legal concepts into English and are there any solutions to solve this problem? The following nine chapters discuss as many legal areas ranging from private law (contrcts, torts, company law, family law, property and purchase contracts), labour law and public law (administrative law and criminal law). Every chapter begins with a summary of a legal area followed by many practical exercises. These are varied and practical and address written as well as oral communication. The book is primarily written for use in a training course, but with the key it can also be used for self study or reference.

The book comprises 291 pages, costs € 25.01 and can be bought in specialised bookshops (ISBN-13: 9789013111972).
It can also be ordered online here.