AD Lexis is a small agency.
That means that the line between our clients and us is short and direct.
We first look at what you expect us to do and whether we are able to meet your requirements.
That is our starting point and we carry out our assignments with professional care. 

Justianus (527-565), emporor of the Roman-Byzantine
Empire who was
reponsible for the codification of Roman law.
Roman law had been in existence
for 1000 years by then.





Translations from and into English and Dutch

Ad Lexis specialises in legal translations, though this does not exlcude other areas of expertise.
We have experience with all types of translations. Examples include: marriage contracts, general terms and conditions, contracts, court decisions, letters and academic publications.
We can also make certified translations.


Editorial work
Editing legal documents

Writing a legal document in a foreign language is not easy.
The words must be correct and then there is the tone and register to consider.
And this is not self-evident when it is a foreign language.
By leaving the editing of a document to AD Lexis you can focus on the content and leave the style to us.
We will, in cooperation with you, ensure that the document is also correct from a linguistic point of view.


Training courses
Training courses legal English and Introduction to Dutch law for translators

Ad Lexis works with Branch Out and the Erasmus Acacemie to give training courses legal English for lawyers based on Introduction into legal English for Dutch lawyers (Kluwer 2009).
These are tailor-made training courses aimed at teaching lawyers how to communicate effectively on Dutch law.
The courses on Introduction to Dutch law for translators are all about the transfer of knowledge. It is meant for translators who translate legal documents occasionally or on a regular basis.

AD Lexis colaborates with Teamwork for these courses.